I lived in Tamarindo, Costa Rica for five years where my surfing improved immensely because I probably averaged 500 sessions a year.  Once the Fall of  2019 season comes, we will be heading to Santa Catalina (Panama) for a month to surf.


Of course, when you surf at least 2 hours a day 5 days a week, you can only get better. 

“If you're a surfer on the road and you can’t believe a foreign toilet doesn't take toilet paper then you must be on your first surf trip.” - - Patrick Smyth 


Before that, I lived for three years in Los Angeles and spent my afternoons getting to know the 'temperate' Malibu waters.

Patrick Smyth Playa Camoranal Costa RicaPatrick Smyth Surf Playa Yankee NicaraguaPatrick Smyth Playa Camoranal Costa RicaPatrick Smyth fishing playa flamingo costa ricaPatrick Smyth surfing playa langosta tamarindo costa rica

The big difference between surfing in the tropics and BC is of course the cold water.  I am used to wearing shorts and a rash guard, and the last time I wore a wetsuit was in Chicama, Peru.


Still, I enjoy surfing  in British Columbia and have been pouring over Google Earth in the hopes of finding new surf breaks. 


As I begin to surf more spots, then these pages will fill up.


Enjoy! - Patrick

Patrick Smyth Tamarindo Surf Casa Xanadu