Welcome to Whistler in beautiful British Columbia, home of the 2010 Winter Olympics.


I built Whistler.tc and dedicated it to two of my favorite passions - snow boarding and cold water surfing.  I also like what summer brings to this part of the world including camping, hiking, fly fishing, zip lining, hunting, mountain biking, kayaking and kite surfing.  British Columbia really is super natural.  


Dont forget to visit Patrick.tc which is about surfing and living on the Pacific Coast of Central America.


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Who am I


My name is Patrick, and I was born in Vancouver BC.  From 2006 to 2011, I  lived and travelled throughout in Cental America.  Prior to that I resided in Los Angeles (Hermosa Beach and Beverly Hills) for 3 years and f rom 2000 to 2003, my business (and I) was based primarily out of Las Vegas.  So, I really have travelled lots and experienced cultures throughout the hemisphere.


Now I find myself living in my home province again, and have a place in Whistler.  The Sea-to-Sky and south Chilcotin are my playground, and have been since my childhood. 


Patrick Smyth’s secret spot on Whistler


You might find me on the slopes on my snow board during the snow season.


And when there is a swell inbound to Vancouver Island's west coast, that's me driving down the Sea-to-Sky with the surf rack.


Naturally, if there's a swell anywhere in Central America, I am already there!  (well, not quite now that I have a baby daughter)


Remember, "Whatever you do and wherever you go and however you get there, just remember one thing: surfers travel. If you don't, you might as well quit." - Patrick Smyth



Jasmine and Lexi - my dogs in Whistler living with my ex

Recent Shots

Peak to Creek - Patrick smyth’s favorite Whistler run

Patrick Smyth Whistler Blackcomb Snowboarding

     Patrick Gunn Lake

What's New?


  • My Daughter is sure growing up fast! 


  • Epic season of snowboarding with soooo much snow 


  • Heading back to Europe for a few weeks this June to bury my Dad


  • Might be in Switzerland for April on business


  • Watching the BC Provincial election heat up


Nita Lake whistler creek